We empower young people to become leaders in sustainability by providing educational opportunities and resources that foster a deep understanding of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic viability.

Areas of work

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Capacity Building

We work closely with youth serving organizations and other grassroot organisations to enhance their capabilities in digital transformation, environmental sustainability, and other relevant areas.

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Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship

Our initiatives and projects promote job opportunities for young people.and enhance their entrepreneurial spirit and prospects.

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Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities

We work to ensure that all young people, regardless of their background or circumstances, have equal access to opportunities and resources for personal and professional development.

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Youth Participation and Civic Engagement

We encourage young people to take an active role in shaping their communities and society at large.


We actively engage in innovative projects and initiatives that address pressing environmental and digital challenges, harnessing the power of collaboration to make a meaningful impact on the lives of young people and the communities they serve, ultimately contributing to a sustainable and digitally-advanced future


European YETI

European Youth Eco-tourism Initiatives

European YETI is a European project aiming to develop the young people’s skills who want to work in the field of eco-tourism and support them in their commitment to share and value Europe in a more sustainable way.

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Young Digital Social Innovators

Young Digital Social Innovators aims to empower young people to become confident social innovators making the most of digital technology available to them by modernising youth work curricula and practice so ...

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Youth engagement and education for realising the Green Deal on the “fit for 55” wave

The general objective of Youth-fit-for-55 project is to build the knowledge base (integrating expertise and stimulating creativity and innovation), substantiate the mechanisms, develop the skills of young people across Europe and the organisational capacity of youth serving organisations for getting involved with and driving the green transition, in a fully-fledged learning cycle that will be starting off from raising awareness with the underpinning ideas that the transition process is new and challenging and that embedding green transition principles in youth serving organisations` practice requires a broad, sustained dialogue.

Events & Activities


European YETI training, Romania

The European YETI training aims to gather young people, youth educators, professionals and other relevant stakeholders in the eco-tourism industry to test our intellectual outputs and to enable exploitation of our project results. The event will take place in Brasov, Romania in April 2023.


European YETI Multiplier Event

This is a dissemination event to publicly present all the results of the "European Yeti" project and to increase the visibility and adoption of our results among tourism, environment and youth organisations.


Youth-fit-for-55 Kick-off meeting

The Youth fit for 55 project, a collaborative effort between 6 organizations from 5 partner countries, has officially kicked off. During a recent meeting in Bordeaux, France, the consortium came together to discuss the project's rationale and plan their next steps.
Stay tuned for updates on our progress and follow the hashtag #YouthFitFor55 for more information.

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